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2017 AGM

The AGM was held at Melton Mowbray on Friday 8/9/17.


The new committee was confirmed:

Chairman – George Steriopulos

Vice-Chair – Mary Knibbs

Breed Secretary – Sue Hamilton-Gotting

Treasurer – Barry Lewis

Newsletter Editor – Diana Steriopulos

Committee Members – Lynn Arrowsmith, Francine Burns, Jeff Clarke, Bob Wood, Sue Taylor, Diane Hammond, John Quilleash, John Hedges


John Hedges outlined the past year’s activities which focused on the development of the breed’s showing guidelines and judges’ guidance, now published on the website. John was unable to report on the 2017 Annual Show, as this is yet to be held in the east of England at the Gransden Show on 30th September. Barry Lewis presented the Group’s annual accounts, confirming the Group’s solvency with a bank balance of around £1,000. George Steriopulos outlined his plans for rejuvenating the Group. He confirmed that the Annual Show 2018 will be held in the west at Monmouth. George plans to survey members for their views on future Group activities and wants to identify all Manx Loaghtan flock whether pedigree or pure bred, or used for cross-breeding.